BugLog and Coldbox Plugin

If you have heard of BugLogHQ, a nice centralized bug reporting application, written by Oscar Arevalo, and you want to integrate it with your Coldbox apps, then this article is for you.

Let’s get started…

Be sure to set the Exception Handler in either the Coldbox config or your Environments.xml.
For reference, ‘main’ is my handler and ‘onException’ is the method or event.
By default, the value is blank in the config.

Next, you need to add the WSDL URL to your Coldbox config file or your Environments.xml.


Now, go to that Exception Handler method we defined in the first step.
Copy and paste this in there.


Finally, create the BugLog.cfc and place it in your Plugins directory (‘plugins’ by default unless you specified otherwise in your CONVENTIONS).

Here’s the code.


That’s it.

Now, Coldbox will deliver Bug Reports to the BugLog system, in addition to the internal Bug Reporting setting. If you don’t want to use CB to deliver Email Reports then be sure to define that in your config or environments.xml.

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