Coldbox, ColdSpring, and Transfer – Dynamic Datasource Support

We know how to use the Coldbox environment interceptor to load different values for datasources. We know how to circumvent datasource.xml files with Transfer by using a datasource bean. Now, how can we use ColdSpring to put it all together for us.




That’s what my coldspring.xml file would look like. There are a few things to note. I use Coldbox to get the Datasource information I need because it has already been defined in the Coldbox config or environment file. This is the reason I wanted to avoid a datasource.xml file for Transfer. Otherwise, I’d have the same DSN info repeated all over the place.

I also point to model.TransferConfig. A simple extension of the Transfer Configuration bean. You can learn more about that from my previous post.

If you notice, there is a Transfer_DSNAlias argument being passed into the Coldbox getDatasource method. This tells CB which DSN you want to load up and pass on to Transfer. Coldbox allows for multiple datasources to be stored for use in your App. But Transfer only connects to one at a time. So I made it a setting in the config/environment.

Here’s a peak at my environements.xml file.

That’s it.

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