Coldfusion? No body does Coldfusion anymore.

It’s good to see everyone is taking the time to discuss and think about CF and its future. I just hope we don’t spend too long talking and justifying while other products like Railo, and openBD put their efforts into development and a more proactive marketing strategy.

Software is heading down the same path as music and movies on the internet. While the MPAA has spent years attempting to get things under control, they have only wasted the time and money involved. Now, artists and independent movie makers have made their own way using the new technologies available. I know it’s not as easy for Adobe to cash in on tickets and merchandise, but I am sure they are intelligent enough to find the equivalent.

I don’t have the answer, but if I had to make an off the cuff decision, I like the sound of distributing Standard for free and charging for Enterprise. It would allow for CF to be evaluated by more then just developers. Rather then pleading CF’s case and trying to show management why its worth the $, let the smaller companies create some jobs and buzz with the Standard Edition. We are a dying breed, but we are not dead. You can rebut that all you want, but tell me how often you hear ‘Coldfusion? No body does Coldfusion anymore.’

Truth is, Adobe hold the reigns to a lot of our livelihood. We’ve been doing this so long, and most of us have a passion for it. There’d be nothing worse then having to let go and move into something new at this stage of the game. I don’t think anyone means to point fingers or stir the pot, but its a political conversation and thats usually what happens.

I am grateful Adobe picked up Coldfusion and didn’t abandon it. But Adobe is not depending on income from Coldfusion to stay alive. They also have one of the best anti-piracy schemes in place for their other software packages. They should realize the opportunity to be a part of the future. and Google’s suite of online applications are taking the food out of giants like Microsoft’s mouth. CF gives us the power to create RIAs and services like this. GIVE us that power, and let us be proud to thank you with a link back POWERED BY ADOBE icon. External links from trusted sites are the new gold in the SEO world.

Adapt. Please.

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