Monthly Archives: April 2008

salesForceCFC v0.4 brings fixes and features

A few updates were made in the 0.4 release available at:

salesForceCFC @ riaForge

A major and a minor fix have been implemented. The major being the lack of xmlFormat() in earlier releases. This would prevent characters like ‘<' to be passed as part of a queryString when using the queryObject() method. There is now methods to manipulate the timeout value for SOAP requests and a getMemento() method that will return all values stored with the instance.
0.4 -CHANGE LOG- 4/5/2008
– enhancement – added timeout handling for cfhttp
– enhancement – added getMemento()
– fix – added xmlFormat() to query and save methods
– fix – disabled throwonerror for cfhttp to return accurate success

I am on the fence over the throwonerror setting, and looking for some feedback.

UDF – flattenStruct() – build nested structs into a single struct

I whipped this up to contribute to Rolando’s environmentConfig project.

ColdSpring doesn’t like being passed complex values, and it’s not that big of a deal unless you are parsing settings from a 3rd party XML, that builds them into a nested struct.

So we came up with this to build all the nested structs into a single struct.
By default it adds the parent struct’s key as a prefix. This is to assure no values are overwritten.

I didn’t see a UDF on CFLib for it, so I figured I’d submit and post here in case it can help anyone else out.

svnSync 0.1 released

This is a project I have been sitting on for over a year, and never got the time to clean it up for the public.

svnSync is a Web GUI for your CF Apps and their Subversion Repositories.
Browse your App as a file manager and see how they match up to what’s in subversion.
View Logs, History, or run Diffs between revisions,
or to the local files. It also allows you to view code,
export files and directories, and zip entire directories and revisions.

It’s an attempt at transporting TortoiseSVN to CF Apps.
It’s in its initial stage as an Open Source project, and there are many improvements planned.

Currently it is built on a generic MVC framework, and was originally developed in CF 7. It has been tested on CF 8, as well. CF 8 and Coldbox are in svnSync’s near future. Which will improve both performance and usability. But I wanted to release this version now, to gather some feedback.

Check it out here svnSync @ RIAforge

I’d like to thank:
Rob Gonda for his SVN Abstration Layer Service
Rolando Lopez for his environmentConfig
Rick Osborne for his diff.cfc.