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UPDATE: ColdBox Training Amsterdam (LOCATION + DISCOUNT)

I am happy to announce the location of our first ColdBox Europe training here in Amsterdam.

Thanks to Ernst van der Linden, of Team Coldbox and, along with the crew at RemuNet Services for offering to host the event.

The facility is in the heart of town, and has the real Amsterdam feel.

You can check it out on Google Maps:
Keizersgracht 83A
Amsterdam 1015 CG

The affiliation has also allowed us to offer the 3 DAY course for a discounted rate of 1200 Euros (early bird – before Oct.14th) and 1500 Euros after the 14th.

So spread the word and sign up soon, seating is limited.

Registration and Event Info at

Scotch on the Rocks with a twist of Training

Scotch on the Road is coming to Amsterdam on October 26th. If you don’t know it is a FREE event. Check out their site for session information and other specifics.

We are considering offering a 2 day Coldbox 101 training and an additional hands-on Workshop. Since it’s short notice, this is a quick poll for interest.
Details and specifics will follow.

Thursday & Friday: Training
Saturday: Additional Hands-on Workshop
Sunday: —
Monday: Scotch On The Road

This way there is enough time to go through the concepts, features, and syntax of Coldbox. And an extra day to put it into practice.
Develop a full application using Coldbox with some of the latest technologies, like Coldspring, Lightwire, Transfer, etc.
Not to mention, plenty of tips, tricks, tools, and shortcuts for developing. Not only with Coldbox, but in general. I’ll even touch on some Object Oriented stuff, where it’s good, bad, and why.

If you are coming from out of town, or just need a reason to bug the boss to spend some of that training budget…Amsterdam has one of the best public transport systems in the world. You can do plenty of sight seeing, beer drinking, and …it’s Amsterdam!

Presenting Coldbox at the CFUG NL (Netherlands) on November 20th

The guys here at CFUG NL are putting together a battle of the frameworks.

Bringing in presenters for each of the major frameworks: Coldbox, Mach-ii, Model Glue, and Fusebox.

I have been asked to represent Coldbox.

Each presenter will give a walk-through on how to build a basic application.
We don’t have too much time, so we will squeeze in as much info as we can about the frameworks, as well.

To help benchmark and to give developers a better understanding of what each framework offers, we will all be building the same app.

It will be held at the Adobe Office at the Amsterdam Arena and will start at 14:00 hours.