Have Our CFML Prayers Been Answered?

I wanted to leave comments on Sean’s and Ben’s posts, but after writing them, they were just too long, and it can’t hurt to drive a little traffic to one of the smaller people, right?

It seems the buzz around the direction of CFML relating to OpenBD, Adobe, and Railo has gotten serious. Rightfully so. You have three teams playing on the same field right now. For the spectators, or developers, for sake of metaphor, it’s gonna be great to watch, and hopefully drive attendance.

Railo and JBoss, could be the spaghetti and meatballs of the CF community. They have just lit a fire that was dwindling. I pleaded for some consideration from Adobe when it came to marketing ColdFusion in my recent post. It got all kinds of feedback, but my opinion remains unchanged. As a matter of fact, I feel much relieved now.

I did not intend to put Adobe down, or offend anyone. It was more like yanking on a giants coat tails to get their attention. Not that I am or ever was going to jump ship and go Railo or OpenBD, but my confidence in CFML’s lifespan was shaken. It has now been renewed. Whether it’s Railo or not, the announcement should inspire all of us including those at Adobe.

JBoss is going to open up their Caching and Messaging, and introduce CFers to Hibernate. They may have to catch up in other areas…but WOW these three alone are major. I am not sure about their plans for distribution. I have not been able to find any facts, but I am assuming that Railo will either be included with install package or available in a plug-n-play manner.

That’s old school door knocking, reincarnated, if you ask me. Its gonna put CF in front of more managers, more developers (Java and CF), and at an Enterprise level.


Just makes you wonder what the next big announcement will be, and by what team…

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