How to use SVNSERVE with Shared Folders in a VM or a Mapped Network Drive

I had posted a while back about setting up a Subversion Server on a Windows machine. However, now I am running my SVNSERVE on a Windows 2003 Server Virtual Machine with VMWare. With the Shared Folders feature I am able to access my repositories from the HOST machine.

When I tried to set it up as a service using the code provided in my earlier post, I kept getting errors when starting the service. I tried mapping a network drive, in order to avoid the double slashes in the URN path to the share, but no dice.

After a good noggin knock it was apparent the syntax needed to be tweaked when using the URN path to allow for the double slashes.

Use the following single-line command:

sc create “svnserve” binpath= “”C:Program FilesSubversionbinsvnserve.exe”” –service –root “”\.hostShared FoldersDEVrepo”””” displayname= “”Subversion Repository Server”” depend= Tcpip start= auto”

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