Installing and Configuring Subversion (SVN) on Mac OS X with MacPorts

This is a simple guide for a simple SVN server solution. I am installing Subversion with a MacPorts nice little auto-installer for public packages.

I started off by using MacPorts to search for the package with:

port search subversion

then installed the package with

sudo port install subversion

MacPorts installs all the required packages and the latest subversion release.

Subversion is now installed. Now let’s get the Server setup.

Create a folder where you will be storing all your Repository files. (/RepoHome)

Then to create a new repo from the shell run:

svnadmin create /RepoHome/NewRepoName

This next step is Optional. If you want to have user authentication, you need to go to the folder of the repo you want to add security to. In the /conf folder you will see 3 files. Open all 3 and the comments say it all.

Now, to start up our SVN server.

svnserve -d -r /RepoHome

(this loads it in daemon mode with a root path of /RepoHome)

If running a Firewall be sure ports 3690 and 80 are open.

To connect to the repo point your SVN client to:


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