SalesForce CFC v0.7 Released – Call for Features for 1.0

SalesForceCFC has been stable, but there is always room for improvement. This version includes a few tweaks and clean up.

Download the code @ RIAForge

I would also like to put out a ‘Call for Features’ to put on the roadmap for 1.0

Some already suggested:
-support for SOQL sub/nested queries
-asynchronous HTTP calls

Please post your suggestions on the Forums @ RIAForge or just leave a comment here.

In addition, I will be including a base unit test collection to provide stability for future releases and customization. Along with improved documentation and code samples.

I’d like to thank Daniel Llewellyn and Pete Freitag for their contributions, as well.

0.7 -CHANGE LOG- 1/24/2009
– enhancement – added support for batch save
– enhancement – added support for AssignmentHeader
– enhancement – added support for EmailHeader
– enhancement – added result size to query return data
– enhancement – updated typing and case of component
– enhancement – increased default SOAP timeout
– deprecated – unnecessary setters (setServerURL,setSessionId,setLastLogin)

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