SalesForceCFC gets a BIG update!

This is a much improved release. It brings the object’s architecture up to date, improves performance, and offers a few new features.

0.6 -CHANGE LOG- 2/22/2009
– enhancement – auto login
– enhancement – upgraded constructor
– enhancement – more getters and setters
– enhancement – last login added to instance
– enhancement – added utility calls getUserInfo and getServerTimeStamp
– enhancement – upgraded soap handling to minimize code
– enhancement – session handling added to test form to demo persistance
– deprecated – username and password parameters have been removed from login
– deprecated – objDataStruct on return from describeObject()
– fix – validate method getServerURL missing parenthesis
– fix – test form updated to avoid crossover and better cleanup

Download a copy at SalesForceCFC on RIAForge

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