salesForceCFC v0.2 Released with Documentation and Test Platform

I appreciate the positive feedback and suggestions I have received on the initial release of salesForceCFC. So I took the time to put together some stuff that will help implement it.

The latest package includes a landing page, for testing and a link to the cfcdocs.

The test form, will run thru the basic creation of the object, login, and test each method.
It is intended to be used as a diagnostic. I added a validate() method, as well. It checks the objects state and looks for an active secure session before trying to send any SOAP requests. The return structs will provide full error information and help you track down the cause quickly.

To download check out the project salesForceCFC at RIAForge

For the latest changes, instructions, and usage notes check out the readme.txt, now included with the package.

version: 0.2
date: 3/1/2008

This CFC allows you to connect and work with,
one of the largest CRMs out there. It does so by generating SOAP requests,
and manipulating their responses.
This will make it easy to work with their SObjects,
and allow you to do more then just query.

ColdFusion 7 or Higher Account (Developer Accounts are freely available)

1. place salesForceCFC folder inside root
2. browse to folder to run test form or view documentation

you can copy the salesForce.cfc into any app and create objects
or map to it and use it from anywhere or in an object factory
remember to init() first, and then login() to activate a session

becareful with concurrency issues if using mutliple accounts.
it is not meant to be persistent if using more then 1 account.

- feature - added landing page
- feature - added test form
- feature - added cfcDoc
- enhancement - created sendSoapRequest method and updated code
- enhancement - added validate method
- fix - retrieve now returns array of struct for results
- fix - added caching control for cfhttp and soap requests
- deprecated - hasActiveSession()

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