salesForceCFC v0.4 brings fixes and features

A few updates were made in the 0.4 release available at:

salesForceCFC @ riaForge

A major and a minor fix have been implemented. The major being the lack of xmlFormat() in earlier releases. This would prevent characters like ‘<' to be passed as part of a queryString when using the queryObject() method. There is now methods to manipulate the timeout value for SOAP requests and a getMemento() method that will return all values stored with the instance.
0.4 -CHANGE LOG- 4/5/2008
– enhancement – added timeout handling for cfhttp
– enhancement – added getMemento()
– fix – added xmlFormat() to query and save methods
– fix – disabled throwonerror for cfhttp to return accurate success

I am on the fence over the throwonerror setting, and looking for some feedback.

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