svnSync 0.1 released

This is a project I have been sitting on for over a year, and never got the time to clean it up for the public.

svnSync is a Web GUI for your CF Apps and their Subversion Repositories.
Browse your App as a file manager and see how they match up to what’s in subversion.
View Logs, History, or run Diffs between revisions,
or to the local files. It also allows you to view code,
export files and directories, and zip entire directories and revisions.

It’s an attempt at transporting TortoiseSVN to CF Apps.
It’s in its initial stage as an Open Source project, and there are many improvements planned.

Currently it is built on a generic MVC framework, and was originally developed in CF 7. It has been tested on CF 8, as well. CF 8 and Coldbox are in svnSync’s near future. Which will improve both performance and usability. But I wanted to release this version now, to gather some feedback.

Check it out here svnSync @ RIAforge

I’d like to thank:
Rob Gonda for his SVN Abstration Layer Service
Rolando Lopez for his environmentConfig
Rick Osborne for his diff.cfc.

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