Synergy – The Software KVM

This has to be one of my favorite Apps out there and its free.

“Synergy lets you easily share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers with different operating systems, each with its own display(s), without special hardware.”

I’ve had multiple machines at home for years. Back in the day those KVMs were great at saving me space on the desk. There was nothing worse then shuffling between keyboards and mice.

That delay between switching and having to double tap scroll lock and then an arrow key, has been replaced with a tiny deamon and a simple client that uses the network to share 1 keyboard and 1 mouse. Giving you simultaneous access to your machines.

I can move through screens fluently from left to right; up and down. You can have the same setup they have in the Matrix without paying for a few multi monitor video cards and trying to stuff them all into one machine.

Synergy even allows for clipboard sharing. So you can copy and paste from one machine to the other. My laptop keyboard and trackpad rarely sees action unless I am on the road.

Check out there site on SourceForge or give the above link a click.

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