TransferSync v0.5 has CRITICAL fix and more.

Major updates have been made to TransferSync.

This version has a critical fix for those dealing with related objects.
Somehow, the afterCreate event was overlooked during the early conception of this approach for managing the Transfer cache using a JMS gateway.

Once, that was implemented, it was apparent that better synchronization for parent objects was needed.
For instance, when a new child is created, or existing child has a parent switched during an update.

I have temporarily removed the sample app.
Once I get a chance to clean it up, I’ll bring it back.
If you need samples, contact me.

Other then that, there have been some great improvements. Take a look at the change log, or grab the latest version here: TransferSync @ RIAForge

0.5 -CHANGE LOG- 3/9/2009
- enhancement - added observer toggle no longer dependent on lazy init
- enhancement - added debug toggle
- enhancement - added class filtering
- enhancement - added caching for parents
- enhancement - added getMemento and getVersion
- enhancement - more robust logging
- enhancement - coldbox versions supports pre-cf8
- fix - added support for after create events
- fix - added support for notifying parent classes

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