Where is all the CF talent???

I am once again in a position where I have to hire some CF programmers. In the past, the pick-ins were slim, and I thought I was asking too much. Here we are almost a year and half later, and it’s not improved much.

Are my expectations too high?

I evolved from good old procedural and spaghetti code, to working with design patterns and simulating OO programming. So I ask, where is everyone else?

There has been lots of talk recently about the advancement to OO and how CF developers are adapting. I will tell you, personally, it wasn’t easy. I worked my butt off to get up to speed and I guess I am fortunate cause it was a passion of mine and I enjoyed the challenge and the results.

But now I feel like it is working against me. My efforts have put me in a position to build a team…

Except I can’t find many who are familiar with the new technologies and frameworks I am using. I have had time to become comfortable with MVC, ORM, and IOC frameworks. I am looking for people who have experience with them as well, but now I am open to someone who has experience with ANY of them.

I feel bad when I look at a resume, and they have 10 or more years experience and a CF certification. It almost works against them. If you don’t stay up-to-date on technologies, it will be hard to find a fit unless you jump into a legacy app.

CF certifications are another story these days. It’s discouraging to think you have to know how to use new tags dealing with PDF and AJAX, to get certified, when you know how to program with CF in an OO approach and have 10 different ways to do AJAX without the new CF tags. So to me CF certification is irrelevant, nowadays. Not to mention, it’s not going to help separate you from the competition, cause there isn’t any.

I was psyched to hear Adobe’s announcement about providing licenses for CF for educational purposes. Unfortunately, thats not gonna help much NOW.

What’s been going on? How have people been learning, advancing, and making themselves more marketable??? (please comment with replies)

There are a handful of resources out there. Charlie’s UGTV is great for those who don’t have the time or money for classes, conferences, and training programs.

I don’t know where to go with this exactly. I guess its a rant and a desperate cry for talent. Developers, push your bosses to get you and your co-workers to conferences, code reviews, and have training budgets setup and used up.

If you are up on the technologies and methodologies I mentioned, or familiar and looking to take it to the next level, contact me. I not only guarantee a great salary and working environment, but I promise to educate.

UPDATE: I am in located in California, South Bay Area. Manhattan Beach near El Segundo. You can email me tomdeman [at] gmail.com

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